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Critical Equipment Identification and Maintenance WBDG

IntroductionDescriptionApplicationEmerging IssuesIn the realm of facility management, there are assets that are absolutely mission critical to the business especially as they pertain to building operations. The failure of these critical assets is the very risk that must be mitigated if not eliminated. As with all business practices, managing critical equipment requires an auditable process to ensure that operational risk reduction is actively pursued in addition to all other pertinent business o在wbdg.org上查看更多信息

Definition of Critical Equipment IADC Lexicon

Critical equipment. Equipment and other systems determined to be essential in preventing the occurrence of, or mitigating the consequences of an uncontrolled event. Such equipment may include vessels, machinery, piping, blowout preventers, wellheads and related valving, flares, alarms, interlocks, fire protection equipment, and other monitoring

Safety Critical Equipment and Spare Parts Guidance

3.2 Safety critical equipment Safety critical equipment is an individual piece of equipment, a control system or an individual protection device which in the event of a single point failure may: • Result in a hazardous situation which could lead to an accident. Or • Directly cause an accident that results in harm to people or the environment.

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Dec 01, 2015· The BOP is an important piece of equipment in the rig. It is used as second barrier against any loss of pressure control. It is fitted with: Annular preventer Rams Choke line Kill line. Annular preventer: This part of BOP seals and closes the well by a circular piece of rubber. It can close on any pipe and casing sizes, and it closes

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A drilling rig is a machine which creates holes (usually called boreholes) and/or shafts in the ground. Drilling rigs can be massive structures housing equipment used to drill water wells, oil wells, or natural gas extraction wells or they can be small enough to be moved manually by one person.hey sample sub-surface mineral deposits, test rock, soil and groundwater physical properties, and

New land rig critical equipment survey Lloyd's Register

The critical equipment survey includes a newly refined set of inspection tools focused on safety critical equipment used in drilling operations. It covers an assessment of both capital and safety critical drilling equipment, mud systems, BOP and well control equipment, electrical equipment and systems, power plant, safety equipment and the

Integrity Management of HSE Critical Equipment and Systems

The above flowchart is a good starting point for identification of Health, Safety & Environmental Critical Equipment Systems ( HSECES ). The application of this flowchart should be on the project / asset equipment list, which ensures that the entire asset inventory has undergone the classification process.

List of components of oil drilling rigs Wikipedia

This article lists the main components of a petroleum onshore drilling rig.. Offshore drilling rigs have similar elements, but are configured with a number of different drilling systems to suit drilling in the marine environment.. The equipment associated with a rig is to some extent dependent on the type of rig but typically includes at least some of the items listed below.


Many other items of equipment may also require specific tests, e.g. UV Illuminators (interlocks). Please also refer to Manufacturer’s Manual for details of replacement schedule for Pressure Relief Valves, critical temperature sensors and other critical safety devices.

Definition of Safety-Critical Elements IADC Lexicon

Safety Critical Element. Any component part of structure, equipment, plant or system whose failure could cause a major accidentt. Source: API RP 2FB, Recommended Practice for the Design of Offshore Facilities Against Fire and Blast Loading, First Edition, April 2006. Global Standards. Safety-Critical

Parts & Components of Oil Drilling Rigs

Offshore it acts as an enclosure for electronics that controls the equipment on the rig floor 15 18.Drawworks A machine consisting of a large-diameter spool, brakes and power source, used in reeling in and out of the drilling line. 4.Blowout Preventer [Pipe ram & blind ram] Uses rams to seal pressure.


The rescuer also has a critical role to play when using the heavy lifting equipment such as cranes. All loads to be lifted or moved must be assessed for weight, stability and rigging points. The rescuer's knowledge of rigging equipment and its basic application will enhance the ability of the heavy equipment

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Les Skinner PE, in Hydraulic Rig Technology and Operations, 2019. 6.3.1 Equipment Spread Size. Generally, a hydraulic drilling equipment spread has a smaller footprint than a conventional drilling rig. This is, in part, because hydraulic drilling usually involves smaller hole sizes requiring smaller drill string diameters, smaller OD and lighter BHAs, and smaller mud systems and pumps that


SAFETY REQUIREMENTS FOR DRILLING & WORKOVER RIGS. Mosa Fahmi. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 2 Full PDFs related to this paper. READ PAPER. SAFETY REQUIREMENTS FOR DRILLING & WORKOVER RIGS. Download. SAFETY REQUIREMENTS FOR DRILLING & WORKOVER RIGS.

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Best-in-class equipment for jackup drilling rigs and platforms to maximize rig safety, efficiency, and reliability and to minimize NPT. Land Pressure control equipment to optimize drilling performance, in basins from North America to the Middle East to the Pacific Rim.



Oil and Gas Drilling Rig Hazards -- Occupational Health

Oil and Gas Drilling Rig Hazards. With rigs in use in many non-traditional areas, emergency responders and company health and safety professionals must work together.

Lifting Rigging Operations Safety Procedure

4.1 Site Manager To ensure that all lifting operations are adequately planned and executed and that all lifting equipment used on site is certified and conforms to this procedure. 4.2 HSE Manager To liaise with all members of the Project Management Team, Supervisors and

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Sell your oil and gas equipment while spending less with affordable pricing that allows you to place your equipment ad in front of high quality marketplace visitors. If you’re looking to buy drilling, production, or support equipment, you can browse thousands of new and used listings for sale nationwide from major OEMs, including Baker Hughes

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1. Site prep: clearing, road access, grading, gravel, drainage 2. Drill rig set up: move in, install, drilling, remove rig 3. Hydraulic fracturing: sand kings, frac pumps, sand cans 4. Completions: condensate & brine tanks 5. Gas processing on well pads 6. Pipelines and Compressor stations 7. Compressors and Gas processing plants

Safety On A Drilling Rig: Is It Safety Culture?

active, particularly on drilling rigs working in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico as other locations. While rig safety has improved over the years through equipment improvement, safety management systems and an emphasis on safety culture (in other words process safety), injury rates have leveled. Understanding why rig hands make decisions that affect their


4.6 Accessible areas within the swing radius of the rear of the rotating the equipment owner. 9 Critical Lifts 9.1.3 All multi-crane lifts (excluding tailing rigs) The following lift types shall be evaluated for the need to initiate a critical lift plan. 9.1.4 Any other lift that may not be completely routine,

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