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The process combination hard turning / grinding is used, to great effect, to reduce cycle times. Where the complete hard finishing process (hard turning and grinding) is carried out on a single machine, throughput, transport and storage times can be drastically

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Hard turning Hard turning is the most efficient and economical process for making high precision workpieces with complex contours.

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In this case a hybrid machine, such as the MikroTurnGrind 1000, which combines hard turning and finish grinding in one machine could be the solution to your challenge. This would allow you to apply the most suitable process, for each surface to be machined, all in one set-up without the need for multiple machines.

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May 29, 2009· The working speed for turning is noticeably higher than that for most grinding operations. If the machine is also to be used for soft turning, the maximum main spindle torque will experience more demand than that of grinding. An important requirement is a good chip clearance. Grinding makes its own demands on the grinding spindles.

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As a manufacturer of CNC machine tools the EMAG Group masters all the processes involved in the soft and hard machining of metals. EMAG draws on an enormous range of technologies to achieve this from turning, drilling, milling, gear cutting and grinding to laser welding, heat shrink assembly and induction hardening all the way to electro

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Jan 22, 2010· Hard turning is typically defined as the turning of a part or barstock of harder than 45HRC on a lathe or turning center. Since surface roughness of Rmax/Rz=1.6s can be achieved, hard turning is often considered a replacement for grinding operations or as a pre-grinding process.

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Most contemporary CNC lathes are capable of hard turning so shops conceivably can soft and hard turn on the same machine. Still, there are many jobs that make sense to grind. Some geometric configurations and very low surface finish requirements remain in the purview of grinding.

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As the only machine tool OEM provider offering turning, milling, grinding, workholding and custom manufacturing solutions, Hardinge is ideally positioned to provide you with an innovative, cost-effective custom solutions that meets your needs. Learn More

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Apr 27, 2012· Demonstration of the capabilities of the Fritz Studer S242 CNC Cylindrical Hard Turning and Grinding Machine.

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One of the main benefits of grinding machines is their ability to produce smooth surface finishes. They also allow for a tight tolerance. Some materials even require grinders—such as ceramics. Ceramic won’t hold up with other types of machine tools. In addition, you can use a lathe for hard turning, but the tooling cost is very expensive.

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The dressing of the grinding pins is done automatically in the machine based on intervals that can be selected individually; thus tool change errors are eliminated. A remarkable aspect of the Felsomat hard turn and grinding process is the environment friendly dry cutting. When required MQL can be

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Grinding spindles integrated into the turret convert the turning machine to a universal dry machining hard turning and grinding center. The grinding process is controlled with an integrated acoustic emission sensor system. Costs are reduced significantly with dry machining, even for the grinding


440 1450 : 500 1500 : 500 : LIDKÖPING VTG 4000 Internal hard turning External hard turning vertical operation, Internal hard turning External grinding vertical operation, Internal grinding External hard turning in vertical operation, Face grinding vertical grinding operation, Simultaneous Internal / External vertical grinding

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With higher dynamic axis movements and significantly greater rigidity, the Hauser 2000 gives the best possible conditions for finishing with hard precision milling.The overall result is a significant increase in productivity not only for the ultra-precise grinding processes on the machine but also for hard milling.

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Feb 26, 2016· The VTC vertical turning and grinding machines from EMAG ensure fast processes by combining turning and grinding operations into a single machine. Hard and s...


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Experience one machine with endless possibilities in Okuma’s MULTUS U4000 multitasking machine. This machine is versatile and highly accurate, with an automatic tool changer and an optional sub-spindle and lower turret, perfect for machining a variety of parts.


grinding and hard-turning or surface grinding and milling, it was possible to form a related cost analysis. These common purpose machines were compared on levels of the same functionality, and the results drawn that when on the same plane of specifications there was no considerable cost difference. The cost was attributed more to the demand


Remove workpiece from grinding wheel before turning machine off. Use proper wheel guards on all grinding machines. On bench grinders, adjust tool rest 1/16 to 1/8 inch from the wheel. 5-1. the harder the grinding wheel will be. “Hard” wheels retain the cutting grains longer, while “soft” wheels release the grains

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Whether grinding, polishing, brushing or deburring the universal drive engine Starmax UA 5 is used in all materials. A wide variety of tools makes the machine very flexible and indispensable in

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Peel grinding machines offer a modern approach that achieves flexible grinding operations of a variety of diameters, grooves, thrust faces and forms using one set-up. Peel grinding is often compared with hard turning where a tool is traversed along a hardened workpiece following an appropriate form. Peel grinding operates in a similar mode removing a narrow strip of material as the grinding

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Aug 01, 2011· Automation in other areas is shining a greater light on the lack of automation in grinding. Every attempt has been made to move as much out of the grinding department as possible. With great strides being made in wire EDM, high-speed machining, and hard turning and milling, the grinding department is being bankrupted, in many cases.

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Danobat HG, the universal heavy-duty grinding machine. Danobat CG, your grindin solution si ready! Get ready for a 360º grinding solution!!! Meet the DANOBAT-OVERBECK IRD-400s Progressive die precision hard turning. Danobat VG. DANOBAT Centre of Excellence. Bearing rings Hard Turning Lathe. ABS motor shaft grinding. Got a challenge?